CMC Online Appointment Scheduling

Overview Of CMC Online Appointment

Tired of waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment at CMC Vellore? The CMC online appointment system is here to help! It lets you schedule consultations from anywhere, saving you valuable time.

Whether you’re a new patient or a returning one, the CMC hospital, vellore online appointment system can streamline your experience.

How Does CMC Vellore Online Appointment Work?

The CMC online appointment system caters to both new and existing patients just like NHS appointment, GP appointment, Boots Opticians Appointment, and AIIMS appointment, allowing you to schedule consultations without visiting the hospital in person. Here’s a breakdown for each category:

CMC Online Appointment
CMC Vellore Online Appointment Scheduling

CMC Vellore Online Appointment For New Patients:

  • Pre-Registration: Head to the CMC website and navigate to the Patient Portal. There, you’ll find a “Register Online” or “Pre-Registration” option. Fill out the pre-registration form with your details. Upon completion, you’ll receive a confirmation number.
  • Schedule Appointment: With your confirmation number, visit the Pre-registration counter (for General consultations) or the Silver Gate (for Private consultations) at the CMC Hospital campus. They will assist you in scheduling an appointment based on available slots.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment For Old Returning Patients:

  • Login: Go to the CMC Patient Portal and log in using your existing Hospital Number and password (or birthdate if you forgot the password).
  • Book Appointment: Once logged in, look for the “Book Appointment” or “Book/Change appointment date” option. Choose the appointment type (General or Private), select your preferred doctor (if applicable), and find a suitable date and time slot.
  • Confirmation & Payment: Review your appointment details and proceed to confirm it. You can also make any required online payments using a debit/credit card or net banking.

How To Book For CMC Online Appointment?

Here’s a step by step guide for scheduling cmc vellore online appointments for new and old patient:

  1. Once logged in (or after pre-registration for new patients), select “Book an Appointment”.
  2. Choose the type of consultation: General Consultation or Private Consultation (with a doctor of your choice).
  3. If opting for a Private Consultation, select your preferred doctor from the available list.
  4. Choose a convenient date and time slot based on doctor and appointment type availability.
  5. Review your appointment details carefully to ensure everything is correct.
  6. Confirm your chosen appointment slot.
  7. Make any required online payment using a debit/credit card or net banking.

By following these steps, you can conveniently schedule your CMC appointment online and avoid long wait times.

How To Reschedule Your CMC Online Appointment?

Rescheduling a CMC appointment online is possible, but with a few limitations:

  • One Change Allowed: You can only reschedule your appointment once online.
  • Timeframe: The reschedule must be within 89 days of your original appointment date.
  • Advance Notice: You cannot reschedule on the same day or the day before. You need at least one day’s notice (before 11:59 pm).

Here’s how to reschedule your CMC appointment online:

  1. Visit the CMC Patient Portal on their website.
  2. Log in using your User ID and password or Hospital Number and birthdate.
  3. Navigate to the Appointment Management section (might be called “Book/Change Appointment Date”).
  4. Locate your existing appointment and choose the option to Reschedule.
  5. Select a new date and time slot based on availability.
  6. Confirm the changes and proceed if any payment difference needs to be settled.

If you’re unable to reschedule online due to time constraints or needing more than one change, you have other options:

  • Contact CMC Call Center: Email them at or send a WhatsApp message to 9385285957.
  • Email Doctor’s Department: For surgeries or specific situations, contact the department of your doctor directly via email to request a reschedule.

Special Services On CMC Online Appointment

CMC Vellore online appointment system might accommodate some special needs such as:

  1. Teleconsultations: CMC offers teleconsultations for some patients. While scheduling your appointment online, you might see an option for a teleconsultation if it’s available for the chosen doctor and specialty.
  2. Early morning/Evening appointments: When searching for appointments, you might be able to filter results for time slots outside of regular working hours, if offered by the doctor.

It’s recommended to check the CMC website for the latest information on such special services or contact CMC directly to inquire about your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

CMC Online Appointment
CMC Vellore Online Appointment Scheduling
  1. Can I change my appointment date? Yes, you can reschedule your appointment online up to 89 days in advance. You can only change it a maximum of five times [invalid URL removed].
  2. Can I change the department for my appointment online? Unfortunately, you cannot change the department after booking your appointment online.
  3. What happens if I miss my appointment? CMC does not specify consequences for missing appointments booked online. It’s best to contact the hospital directly to inquire about their policy.
  4. How do I register as a new patient? New patients need to pre-register on the CMC website before booking an appointment. This involves filling out a patient profile form.
  5. What information do I need for a new patient registration? You’ll likely need basic details like name, contact information, and medical history.
  6. Can I pay for my appointment online? Yes, you can pay for the appointment during the booking process using a debit/credit card or net banking.
  7. Do I need to bring ID proof to my appointment? Yes, bringing a government-issued photo ID (voter ID, Aadhaar card, etc.) is mandatory for your visit to CMC.

Conclusion On CMC Vellore Online Appointment

In conclusion, the CMC online appointment system offers a seamless and efficient way for patients to schedule and manage their medical appointments.

With user-friendly features such as easy navigation, service selection, and appointment customization, patients can access healthcare services conveniently from anywhere at any time.

By leveraging technology to streamline the booking process, CMC is committed to providing patients with timely access to quality care while prioritizing their comfort and convenience.

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