A Vampire Names | 50+ Ancient Names Of Vampire

Are you looking for some intriguing vampire name to answer? These vampire names and introductions aim to capture the allure, mystery, and danger typically associated with vampire characters.

Classic Vampire Names With Bite

  • Adrian (Latin – “dark sea”)
  • Alistair (Scottish Gaelic – “defender of men”)
  • Ambrose (Greek – “immortal”)
  • Ansel (German – “god-protected”)
  • Balthazar (Phoenician – “Bel protects the king”)
  • Cassius (Latin – “vain”) – with a hint of arrogance
  • Cyrus (Persian – “sun”) – ironic for a creature of the night
  • Damian (Greek – “to tame”) – a challenge for a powerful vampire
  • Edgar (Old English – “rich spear”)
  • Elias (Hebrew – “Yahweh is my God”) – retains a connection to the divine

Female Vampire Names:

  • Amara (Greek – “immortal”)
  • Cassandra (Greek – “to shine brightly”) – a tragic beauty
  • Coralie (French – “coral”) – evokes elegance and danger
  • Elara (Greek – “red”) – a subtle reference to blood
  • Esme (French – “to be esteemed”) – a regal vampire
  • Isolde (Irish – “beheld”) – a captivating name
  • Livia (Latin – “bluish”) – a cool, aristocratic name
  • Morwen (Welsh – “dark sea”) – mysterious and deep
  • Natalia (Latin – “born at Christmas”) – a vampire defying tradition
  • Ophelia (Greek – “help”) – a name hinting at a troubled past


  • Alistair (Scottish Gaelic – “defender of men”) – works for a powerful vampire
  • Arden (English – “eagle valley”) – evokes a sense of freedom and darkness
  • Cassius (Latin – “vain”) – can also be used for a female with a haughty personality
  • Corvus (Latin – “raven”) – a classic symbol of the night
  • Esme (French – “to be esteemed”) – can be used for a male vampire with a regal bearing
  • Fallon (Irish – “leader”)
  • Raven (English) – a straightforward but powerful name
  • Rowan (Gaelic – “little red one”) – a subtle reference to bloodlust
  • Sage (Latin – “wise”) – for an ancient and knowing vampire
  • Shadow (English) – enigmatic and mysterious

Eastern European vampire name:

  • Alexei (Russian – “defender”)
  • Bogdan (Slavic – “given by God”)
  • Dimitri (Greek – “devoted to Demeter”)
  • Ivan (Russian – “God is gracious”)
  • Katarina (Greek – “pure”) – a name with a hint of irony
  • Natalia (Latin – “born at Christmas”) – works well in Eastern European settings
  • Stefan (Greek – “garland, crown”) – a regal name
  • Vladimir (Slavic – “great ruler”) – a classic vampire inspiration
  • Wladyslaw (Slavic – “fame, rule”) – another powerful-sounding name
  • Zofia (Greek – “wisdom”) – for an ancient and cunning vampire

From Mythology:

  • Lilith (Hebrew – first wife of Adam) – a dark and rebellious figure
  • Moroi (Romanian folklore – vampire spirit)
  • Nosferatu (Bram Stoker’s Dracula) – a legendary name
  • Strix (Roman – screech owl spirit, bad omens)
  • Vetala (Hindu mythology – a malevolent spirit)

More obscure classics:

  • Basil (Greek – “royal”)
  • Clementine (Latin – “mild, merciful”) – a name with a surprising contrast
  • Drusilla (Latin – “dew”) – elegant and unexpected
  • Percival (French – “pierces the valley”) – a name hinting at danger
  • Theodora (Greek – “gift of God”) – another name with a touch of irony.

Modern Macabre Vampire Names

  • Asher (Hebrew – “happy, blessed”) – macabre irony
  • Corvus (Latin – “raven”) – classic symbol of night and death
  • Ember (English) – smoldering remains, a metaphor for their existence
  • Nox (Latin – “night”) – straightforward and dark
  • Requiem (Latin – “rest”) – a chilling reminder of their victims
  • Shadow (English) – mysterious and elusive
  • Serpent (English) – seductive and dangerous
  • Whisper (English) – a silent predator
  • Wither (English) – draining life force
  • Wraith (English) – a ghostly presence

Alluring & Mysterious vampire names:

  • Azrael (Hebrew – angel of death) – beautiful yet ominous
  • Cadence (French – “rhythm, beat”) – captivating and rhythmic
  • Cinders (English) – rising from the ashes, a new beginning
  • Cipher (English) – a cryptic and enigmatic name
  • Echo (Greek – nymph who faded) – fading presence, haunting beauty
  • Ember (English) – also works for a captivating beauty
  • Evangeline (Greek – “good news”) – an ironic twist
  • Haven (English) – a place of refuge, yet a predator’s lair
  • Nox (Latin – “night”) – can also be used for a seductive vampire
  • Rhea (Greek – “easy flow”) – a mesmerizing and fluid name

Modern with a Bite:

  • Anya (Russian – “grace”) – elegant with a bite
  • Blaise (French – “to lisp”) – a smooth talker, hiding their true nature
  • Carver (English) – a chilling implication of their actions
  • Cinder (English) – shorter, more modern version of Cinders
  • Echo (Greek – nymph who faded) – works for a modern vampire as well
  • Ember (English) – a versatile name for both eerie and alluring
  • Frost (English) – evokes a sense of coldness and death
  • Hunter (English) – an ironic twist, as they themselves hunt
  • Noir (French – “black”) – simple and dark
  • Raven (English) – a classic with a modern edge

Vampire Names Inspired by Goth Culture:

  • Absinthe (French – a strong, bitter liquor) – evokes a dark and decadent atmosphere
  • Cemetery (English) – a blunt and chilling name
  • Charon (Greek – ferryman of the dead across the River Styx) – connection to the underworld
  • Crypt (English) – their final resting place becomes their home
  • Eclipse (English) – a dark shadow obscuring the light
  • Gloom (English) – straightforward and evocative
  • Lazarus (Hebrew – “God has helped”) – resurrected from the dead, yet cursed
  • Mortis (Latin – “death”) – a dark and powerful name
  • Requiem (Latin – “rest”) – works well for a gothic vampire
  • Thanatos (Greek – personification of death) – a name signifying their power over mortality

Unexpected Twists:

  • Dawn (English) – a vampire who defies tradition
  • Hope (English) – a cruel irony
  • Lyric (Greek – “of the lyre”) – a name that suggests beauty and darkness
  • Mercy (English) – a facade hiding their true nature
  • Phoenix (Greek – mythological firebird) – rising from the ashes, reborn
  • Reverie (French – “a daydream”) – lost in their eternal existence
  • Seraphina (Hebrew – “fiery ones”) – beautiful yet dangerous
  • Serene (Latin – “calm, peaceful”) – a chilling contrast to their actions
  • Solstice (Latin – “sun-standing”) – a vampire defying the light
  • Verity (Latin – “truth”) – a vampire who hides secrets.

Vampire Names Inspired By Myth

Global Legends:

  • Abaddon (Hebrew – angel of the abyss)
  • Alp (Germanic – nightmare spirit)
  • Aswang (Philippine folklore – shapeshifting vampire)
  • Bruxa (Portuguese/Brazilian folklore – blood-sucking witch)
  • Debog (Slavic – god of the hunt, associated with darkness)
  • Empusa (Greek – shapeshifting demon who devours men)
  • Jiangshi (Chinese – hopping corpse)
  • Kallikantzaroi (Greek – cannibalistic goblins active during Christmas)
  • Lahmu (Mesopotamian – demon of childbirth, associated with blood)
  • Leshy (Slavic – forest spirit, can be benevolent or malevolent)

European Folklore:

  • Bludsucker (English folklore – self-explanatory)
  • Dhampir (Slavic – offspring of a vampire and a human)
  • Nachzehrer (German – vampire that devours the living from within)
  • Nosferatu (Eastern European – legendary vampire)
  • Strigoi (Romanian – vampire spirit that rises from the recently deceased)
  • Striga (Roman – screech owl spirit, associated with bad omens)
  • Upior (Slavic – vengeful spirit that feeds on the living)
  • Varcolac (Romanian – shapeshifting vampire)
  • Vrykolakas (Greek – vampire spirit)
  • Blutgraf (German – “blood count,” a noble vampire)

Other Mythological Creatures with Vampire-like Traits:

  • Barghest (English folklore – black hound associated with death)
  • Chort (Slavic – demon associated with darkness and temptation)
  • Djinn (Arabic mythology – powerful spirit, can be benevolent or malevolent)
  • Ekhidna (Greek – half-woman, half-serpent monster)
  • Empusa (Greek – shapeshifting demon who devours men)
  • Lamia (Greek – child-stealing monster)
  • Lilin (Mesopotamian – storm demons)
  • Succubus (Judeo-Christian mythology – female demon who seduces men)
  • Yama (Hindu – god of death)

Vampire Names Inspired by Mythological Concepts:

  • Charon (Greek – ferryman of the dead across the River Styx)
  • Hecate (Greek – goddess of crossroads, magic, and the underworld)
  • Moros (Greek – personification of inevitable doom)
  • Nyx (Greek – goddess of the night)
  • Thanatos (Greek – god of peaceful death)
  • Veela (Slavic folklore – seductive spirits)

Vampire Names with Dark Meanings:

  • Cadáver (Spanish – “corpse”)
  • Mors (Latin – “death”)
  • Tenebris (Latin – “darkness”)
  • Tenebrae (Latin – “shadows”)
  • Umbra (Latin – “shadow”)

Creative Interpretations of Myths:

  • Nightsinger (inspired by sirens)
  • Moonshadow (inspired by shapeshifters)
  • Bloodmoon (inspired by lunar associations)
  • Nightshade (inspired by poisonous plants)
  • Crimson Dawn (symbolic of eternal night)

Unique Twist on Existing Names:

  • Nyxandra (combining Nyx with “andra” meaning “man”)
  • Mortifera (Latin – “bringing death”)
  • Tenebris Lux (Latin – “darkness, light”) – a name hinting at duality
  • Blutmond (German – “blood moon”)
  • Strygoi Rex (Latin – “vampire king”).

Popular Vampire Name Generator

Of course, there are several online tools designed to generate vampire names. Here are a few popular vampire name generators:

Vampire Names
Popular Unisex, Myth & Female Vampire Names Generator
  1. Fantasy Name Generators – This site offers a variety of name generators, including a dedicated vampire name generator.
  2. Seventh Sanctum – Known for its wide range of name generators, Seventh Sanctum has a vampire name generator that provides unique and creative names.
  3. NameGenerator.biz – Offers a simple and straightforward vampire name generator that produces names with a dark and mystical feel.
  4. Reedsy Character Name Generator – While not specifically for vampires, Reedsy’s character name generator allows you to filter by fantasy and gothic themes, which can be useful for creating vampire names.

These generators can help you find unique and fitting names for your vampire characters, whether for writing, gaming, or other creative projects.

Conclusion On Vampire Names

Vampire Names
Popular Unisex, Myth & Female Vampire Names Generator

The name you choose for your vampire should be like a well-crafted spell – it evokes a specific feeling, hints at the character’s nature, and lingers in the memory. Here are some key takeaways to solidify your decision:

  1. Consider the Character’s Origin: Is your vampire a classic Transylvanian aristocrat, a modern creature lurking in the shadows, or a mythical being reborn? A name from Eastern European folklore might suit the first, while a more modern moniker or a reference to a global vampire legend could work for the others.
  2. Match the Name to the Personality: A haughty vampire might have a name like Vlad or Cassius, while a mysterious one could be called Corvus or Whisper.
  3. Embrace Duality: Vampires are immortal creatures trapped between life and death. Their names can reflect this duality with meanings that suggest both darkness and beauty, like Nyx or Morwen.
  4. Think Beyond Gender: Many vampire names have a timeless quality that transcends gender. Names like Ren, Sage, or Ripley can work for any bloodsucker.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative: You can invent a new name entirely, or take inspiration from mythology and give it a unique twist.

Ultimately, the best vampire name is the one that resonates with you and perfectly captures the essence of your character.

So keep brainstorming, researching, and experimenting until you find the perfect fit!

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